Letter From ND Football Physician

Letter From ND Football Physician

From: Matthew Leiszler
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2018 7:13 PM
To: Ziegler, Ed
Subject: ND Former Players Medical Research Project


Thank you for including me in this email. I am very impressed by what your group has put together so far. While Notre Dame is currently involved in various projects in an effort to make football a safer sport, your study has the potential to provide valuable information to the medical community and help us to better understand the long-term risks associated with college football. As a former player myself, but more importantly as a clinician, your data should help to provide some much-desired clarity to the risks.

The partnerships you are developing with clinicians will help to make sure that the methodology of your surveys and collection process is sound. I believe reviewing prior surveys completed on former NFL players, including those by the Harvard Football Players Health Study led by Aaron Baggish and Lee Nadler, will help you in developing your own study.

I have shared your previous email with a few of the medical and administrative leaders in the athletics department. They also appreciated your making us aware of the project and applaud your efforts.

Please pass along my best to your cousin Matt and I hope to meet you at some point when you are in South Bend for a game.


Matt Leiszler, MD
Football Team Physician
University of Notre Dame